Chase Cafe

Chas Building in Rochester NYToday while debating where to go for lunch my good friend Randy T mentioned a place I had never been before. The Chase Cafe. Its on the 2nd floor of the Chase building (pictured) in downtown Rochester. It reminds me of a smaller version of the Bausch & Lomb Cafe. A very nice thing about it was that it was quiet. It was completely out of the way, not very well advertised and practically hidden. Because of all of that, while the eating area was relatively large, there was only maybe 3 or 4 other groups there. The prices were decent too. I had Some sort of Mexican Tilapia with a side of vegitables and mac & cheese and a chocolate chip cookie all for $5.75. I think the Chase Cafe might become a new regular stop.

We’re always trying to figure out where to eat downtown and there’s really not that many good places. Some of our usual stops are:

  • The Pizza Stop – easily the best pizzaria in Rochester
  • Galleria – Chicago style pizza shop which serves wings and subs as well
  • The Stock Exchange – bar & gril
  • Wild Bar & Grill – chinese buffet
  • Dinosaur Barbequeue – A real honky tonk rib joint
  • Grill and Greens – wraps, salads and other sandwhiches (great chicken tenders)
  • Bausch & Lomb Cafe -lots of different food stations
  • Subway – sub shop

If anyone has any other ideas please let us know. We’re always looking for some new ones.

Never hire a colorblind electrician

What’s your fortune? apparently I’m supposed to ignore mine whatever that’s supposed to mean. We went to Yangzee (or Wild Bar and Grill) for lunch today. As is typical we got fortune cookies afterward. Mine read “Ignore Previous Cookie“. Strangest. Fortune Cookie. Ever.

Mr Coffee E-mailThis morning the coffee machine overflowed. I didn’t think much about it until I got the E-mail from Mr Coffee. Take a read. I didn’t know Mr Coffee ran java.

Read an interesting article about Windows Vista’s ReadyBoost. Pretty interesting. Also now that Windows Vista includes the ability to use Flash memory as a Cache there is talk about including built in Flash memory with new computers.

if you’re interested to see what is truth and what is fiction in 300 check out this article.