Piers Promotions Denver and Wedding Plans

Sunset at Irondiquit Bay

Rachel and I went to the pier last Thursday. It was a beautiful day but there was some cloud cover to the west. A perfect opportunity for a beautiful sunset and a change to test out my new Gradient ND Filter. About 1/10th of a mile from the lake it dropped about 10 degrees (as expected) but the visibility also dropped to about 10 feet. The fog was so thick it was very difficult to get a decent photo. I was able to grab a few that came out decent. The fog even started to lift when we were leaving and I managed to get a shot of a dew covered spider web. If you’re interested take a look at the full album otherwise the picture to the left is a pretty good summary of how the shots came out (ie: crappy).

In other news Rachel got a promotion! She was previously working at Britton Rd Wegmans which is a level 4 (out of Wegmans reverse 5 level scale, 1 being the highest ie: Pittsford) which has to do with revenue. Usually when you move within Wegmans you move up one level at a time or you move laterally. This is to ensure you can handle the pressure and the different environment. Rachel had the opportunity to move 3 levels up to Perinton. She went from a level 4 straight to a level 1. Needless to say this is a great opportunity for her and she’s very excited.


Denver! We haven’t even posted about him yet! Obviously we’ve been slacking. Well a quick update… after bringing him home about a month ago he has learned a lot! Today he even rang the bell tied to the door to let us know he needed to go outside. We took him to the Lillac festival on Monday, and just like London he got compliment after compliment.

The wedding plans are certainly coming along (i hope…) its only 3 weeks away and I cant wait. Well… I can’t wait for the honeymoon that is. I’m pretty sure it’s a well known fact that the wedding is for the Bride and the families and that the groom is just along for the ride and for the vacation afterward. In that respect we’ll be in Hawaii in 24 days from right now. Best news I’ve heard all day.


Annette Dragon PhotographyBoy the pressure is on now. We sort of came to the realization that “holy crap there’s 4 months left!” a week ago and since then we’ve setup a meeting with a travel agent, hired our photographer and our DJ, ordered our invitations and begun looking for a hotel.

It’s so weird because up until now its been “we’ve got plenty of time” and now its crunch time. its like another full time job. Our photographer is Annette Dragon (click the image for her website). Our DJ was recommended from a friend: Whirlin’ Disc DJ

Been Busy

Rachel and I are definitely winter people. That being said with the recent onset of winter in Rochester, you’ll understand why we haven’t been posting. We’ve been snowmobiling quite a bit, we tried out snowshoeing a few days ago (and loved it). We’ll also be skiing / snowboarding next weekend.

On top of that, the wedding plans and the remodeling effort… lots of fun but no time.

5 months 4 days and counting

Long engagements are lots of fun. Referring to your man as “My fiancé this and my fiancé that”. Relax; take your time to plan out all those little details. I mean I’ve got a whole year to plan anyways, right? WRONG!

My biggest realization this New Years was “Holy shit I’m getting married in 5 months!” Don’t get me wrong I’m supper excited but 5 months! I mean we do have most of the important stuff done…sort of. I don’t have the jitters about getting married in that there is no doubt, but the planning stuff not so much. I’m definitely not the bridezilla type who has to have everything perfect, jotted down in her little notebook ready to strike fear in the hearts of anyone who mistakenly uses buttercream frosting on her wedding cake instead of whipped. I know how I want things to go down; I’m just not in the planning mood yet. Running around and calling this person and that, where did you put Aunt Millies mailing address, that sort of thing, not my cup of tea. Do you think there are wedding planners who work pro bono?