September Birthday Water

Charity Water is running another September campaign.  My birthday is in September.  I felt this appropriate.

Please Donate

It’s hard to imagine a world without clean water.  It would literally change everything you know and every behavior you have.  Water conservation wouldn’t just be about being green it would be about survival.  You wouldn’t worry about cold water, clean water (no matter the temperature) would be enough.

I’ve given to charity: water before, and I’ve asked others to do the same.

For my birthday this year, consider donating some money to help those who really need it.  After all, I really don’t need that new pair of socks.

Please give as much as you can.

Don't Replace It

sigg-adI’ve been seeing these ads a lot lately.  They sort of drive me nuts.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for helping the environment, But ads like these make people think they should replace their old plastic water bottles with new environmental friendly water bottles.

You know what helps the environment?  NOT buying products you don’t need.  NOT throwing away your perfectly good non-environmental-friendly water bottle.

This works a lot like cars.  If you’re attempting to help the environment you should be driving a 1974 Chevy until it blows a piston rod, then you should buy another 1974 Chevy and drive it until it dies and then buy another… get the point?  That brand new Hybrid just means that another car will rot in a junkyard instead of on the road where it belongs.