American News is Fundamentally Warped

We live in a fast paced media filled world.  Sometimes it’s hard to forget the rest of the world doesn’t really have access to the same outlets we do.  As Americans sometimes it seems like the latest story about Bieber or Britney is the most important thing going on in the world right now.




The following TED talk by Alisa Miller is only 4 minutes and has some pretty good illustrations of how and why America’s view of the world can be so warped sometimes:

NOTE: if you’re reading this in a feed-reader and the above video is not displayed, please view the original post.

Even if you don’t watch the video, I think this is an important take-away:


Is this distorted world view what we want for Americans in our increasingly interconnected world? ~Alisa Miller

While this TED talk was from 2008, today at TEDx Rochester is the first I’ve seen of it and it struck a chord.  Not that I didn’t already know our news coverage is warped, but I think this is an excellent illustration to drive home the point.

Because I Need More To do

I’m not staying busy enough (end sarcasm). So I’ve signed up to be a Fairport CERT member and I’ll be attending training sessions every Wednesday for the next few Months. I’ve always been interested in this sort of stuff. Even considered joining the volunteer firemen a few times but just never took the time. Should be interesting.

Oh and I’m not missing the opportunity to be a part of TEDx Rochester this year. I was contacted by one of the organizers a few weeks ago as a result of last years post. I think I’ll have a guaranteed seat which is sweet. Can’t wait.

Next few months will be busy.  Again. Guess I just need to get used to it.

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