Photo Album Progress

With all the options out there it’s hard to determine what to do with your photos. Typically Rachel and I have created your standard photo albums where we print 4×6’s buy a book to put them in, organize and done. We wanted to do something a little different with our honeymoon photos and after looking at a few things available (scrap booking, scrap blogging, photo books, etc) we decided on a photobook.

The first few weeks after we got back we spent going over our (4,000+) photos with the hopes of creating a Best Of Album. This worked to eliminate a large majority of our pictures but after attempting to work with the best of album to create our photobook we realized even more needed to be eliminated and did so.

After trying several different photo book sites (snapfish, winkflash, shutterfly and a few others) we settled upon Picaboo. While it seems relatively new and unproven it had a client side application which you could download (rare in this day in age) and work with locally before uploading your finished book to purchase. There were many more layouts available than other sites had and the backgrounds are limitless since you can use your own photos (also something lacking in the other sites we looked at). Another unique feature is the ability to share your album online for free.

So without further delay we give you:

Our Honeymoon

Please keep in mind that it’s intended to be a table top book NOT a web-album.  With that in mind, if you see an odd picture and wonder why its in there chances are there’s a story or something we wanted to be able to share and you should ask us what’s up.