5 months 4 days and counting

Long engagements are lots of fun. Referring to your man as “My fiancé this and my fiancé that”. Relax; take your time to plan out all those little details. I mean I’ve got a whole year to plan anyways, right? WRONG!

My biggest realization this New Years was “Holy shit I’m getting married in 5 months!” Don’t get me wrong I’m supper excited but 5 months! I mean we do have most of the important stuff done…sort of. I don’t have the jitters about getting married in that there is no doubt, but the planning stuff not so much. I’m definitely not the bridezilla type who has to have everything perfect, jotted down in her little notebook ready to strike fear in the hearts of anyone who mistakenly uses buttercream frosting on her wedding cake instead of whipped. I know how I want things to go down; I’m just not in the planning mood yet. Running around and calling this person and that, where did you put Aunt Millies mailing address, that sort of thing, not my cup of tea. Do you think there are wedding planners who work pro bono?