Illegal Alien Costume

illegal alien costumeSomeone came up with an Illegal Alien Costume that’s pure genius.  Some people seem to be offended by these illegal alien costumes (it IS America, aka the PC nation).  I say who cares!? Who’s offended, Illegal Immigrants? Oh No! What are they gonna do to protest? Crawl back across the border? That’s a shame, yeah we should definitely ban these costumes.  Wait, you’ll leave if we wear these? Sweet!  I’m ordering mine right now…

For the record, nobody is saying you can’t come into our country.  We’re just saying you need to come in legally like everybody else.

Seriously though… I’m really considering the costume.  We do have a couple costume parties to go to.

Mice, Dogs and Witches Oh My

Lenny KravitzLast Saturday we went to a Halloween party at our friend Corey’s old place. They had a joint party with their neighbors and we got to meet all sorts of people we’d never seen before. How fun. Just think, we won’t ever be able to recognize them again either because they were all in costume! I think Lenny Kravitz is the clear winner, with the Beastie Boys a close second. I lamed it up as a wireless router wearing my wifi detection shirt. Take a look at the gallery for the rest of everyone’s costumes.